We work based on partnership rather than competition


OUR COMPANY Asia Rastin Qeshm Information Technology

ASIA IT is a High-Tech and globalized company whose activities are involved in research, innovation-based services using the most modern and recently developed methods, materials, or knowledge with the state-of-the-art software, hardware and services provided for any various types of companies, organizations and business people. ASIA IT ideally positioned itself to assist both people and companies in resolving their problems and smooth the path for making it easier for them to facilitate their works. Developing international partnerships is vital to our continued success rather than cutthroat competition.

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ASIA IT Contact Information

No 7, 2nd Floor
Alvand st, Barmak Alley
Arjantine Sq., TEHRAN - IRAN
(+9821) 88 79 81 67



What makes our company great? That is simple. It is the people and the culture. The team members at Asia IT are the some of the most creative, interesting and dedicated people you will ever meet, exactly the kind of people you would love to work with.

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Having cutting-edge technology and innovation applied in practice helps people make use of a wide range of facilities.


The most powerful asset, to fulfill your firm’s needs, is to have our skilled, dedicated workforce using high technology and innovation.

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