What we do?

We plan, create and deliver innovative and high-tech digital solutions; delivering services and solutions that help you to improve your work as well as your life.
We love to find simple solutions for complex challenges. We identify opportunities, calculate risks, research, plan road-mapping execute, get feedback, and measure the project's success.


Some of our current projects


Due to the word wide fast growing mobile app market, ASIA-IT has decided to invest on developing mobile applications. After doing some research, ASIA IT discovered the best app making Platform offered by CloudFaces. ASIA IT is an exclusive representative of CloudFaces in IRAN and 12 other Middle-Eastern countries.

What is this Apps Making Platform and Cloudfaces company? Cloud Faces is an innovative company specialized in the development of mobile apps. Cloudfaces has built a unique state of the-art technology that simplifies the process of mobile application development. Owing to this creative technology, Cloudfaces company received acknowledgement and grant award from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).



The objective of this project is to facilitate communication and treatment for Doctors & Patients via high-tech tools and mobile applications.


Orders Aggregation

Introducing an innovation in online ordering. The fastest and easiest way to order food or anything else online, is here with us.

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